We are grateful to be partnered with Sekishu-Mito Karoukai Tea Ceremony and the Mayor of Mito City, Yasushi Takahashi.

“I would like to congratulate you for holding the International Women’s Brass Conference 2024 Japan in August, 2024. I am so happy that the main venue is Mito Civic Center, which is the center of arts and culture of Mito City. I hope this conference will bring a great opportunity for people in Mito and everyone to experience a variety of music performed by artists from all over the world, and to create a diverse society where everyone is accepted just the way they are.” 

Yasushi Takahashi | 高橋 靖

Mayor of Mito City

Thank you to all of the companies and individuals who have generously supported the 2024 IWBC Japan conference hosted in Mito City, Japan. This page will continue to be updated as sponsors are added. Interested in supporting IWBC Japan? Visit our DONATE page or reach out to use anytime:



Ibaraki Prefecture

Mito City

Ibaraki Prefectural Board of Education

Mito City Board of Education

Mito Tourism & Convention Association

Japan Trumpeters’ Association

Japan Horn Society

Japanese Association of Trombonists

Japan Euphonium Tuba Association

Japan Federation of Musicians

Japanese Band Directors Association

Japanese Brass Band Directors Association

Ibaraki-Ken Band Association 

Ibaraki Cultural Foundation

Ibaraki Federation of Musicians





一般社団法人 水戸観光コンベンション協会





公益社団法人 日本演奏連盟

公益社団法人 日本吹奏楽指導者協会


一般社団法人  茨城県吹奏楽連盟

公益財団法人 いばらき文化振興財団

一般社団法人 茨城演奏家連盟

"IWBC comes to Mito city, Japan! How wonderful! Under the bright summer sunlight, 310 trumpets will sound in Kairakuen Garden. My heart throbs in excitement just by picturing the image of the International Women’s Brass Conference coming to Mito city! There will be brass players from all over the world creating a strong world together combining each other’s different cultures. All the brass players, let’s go to Mito together! I would also recommend enjoying the tea ceremony and flower arrangement at Shounan Tea Room in a peaceful mind. Mito meets you this summer. Mito city will be filled with wonderful performances with excitement and a chorus of cicadas." -Tetsunosuke Kushida