conference location

IWBC 2024 will be held in Mito City, Japan at the Mito City Civic Center

1-7-1, Izumicho, Mito-city, Ibaraki, 310-0026

Conference Housing

IWBC is coordinating with a travel agency to provide convenient housing options at local hotels for those attending the conference. To reserve accommodations through the travel agency, use the link below to access the website created by the Travel Agency.


The IWBC conference planning team in Japan has coordinated with a local childcare company to provide an option for childcare in the same building as the conference events during the Japan conference.


  • From JR Tokyo Station

    Visitors traveling from
    Shinagawa Station, Tokyo Station, or Ueno Station

     Express bus

    “Mito-go” (Akatsuka route), 100 min.
    Get off at Izumicho Itchome bus stop, 1-min. walk

     Limited express

    Joban Line, Hitachi or Tokiwa services
    65-85 min.

     Local train

    Joban Line, 130-150 min.

  • From JR Iwaki Station
     Limited express

    Joban Line, Hitachi or Tokiwa services
    70 min.

     Local train

    Joban Line, 100 min.

  • From Ibaraki Airport

    Visitors traveling from Sapporo, Kobe, Fukuoka, or Naha

     Limousine bus

    40-70 min.

  • From Haneda Airport
     Limousine bus

    120 min.

  • From Narita Airport
     Limousine bus

    120 min.

  • From JR Mito Station

    5 min. from North Exit (bus stops 4-7)
    Get off at Izumi-cho Itcho-me bus stop, 1-min. walk


    20 min.

Travel Information Source: Mito City Hall Website. Visit their website for more information: