Donate to support the 2024 iwbc japan conference


“Although it has been hard to hold an international conference in Japan, as an ambassador of my hometown, Mito city, Ibaraki, Japan, I’ve successfully been invited to hold the IWBC conference in Mito, Japan in 2024! It is the first IWBC conference in an Asian country!

I first participated in the IWBC conference 20 years ago, in 2003. I couldn’t speak English at all, and had a hard time with everything, but won second place in the solo competition and was really inspired by musicians from all over the world from this conference. Ever since then, my world has been becoming bigger and bigger with a lot of help from Susan Slaughter and IWBC members’ hospitality and their strong beliefs in music. I couldn’t have experienced this kind of community in Japan. IWBC has changed my life. I would love my fellow Japanese musicians to experience the same feeling. That motivated me to host the conference in Japan.

I was born and raised in Mito. I am so grateful that people in Mito and Ibaraki support me and my career as a trumpeter because we share the same hometown. I would love to give back to people in Mito, and IWBC by making this conference a successful one. I would also love to share happiness through music with everyone! I would appreciate it if you want to be part of this great conference, and help me make this conference a successful one!” -Kana Madarame, IWBC 2024 Host

Megumi Kanda

Megumi Kanda, guest artist

“The IWBC is an important event for brass players of all levels, ages, and genders. While it highlights the wonderful playing and contributions of female performers and composers, all brass players benefit from attending. Your financial support is an integral part of making the IWBC a success. I know the first time the IWBC being in Japan will be memorable and I hope you will consider making a contribution. I hope to see you there!”

Tetsunosuke Kushida, Composer

“IWBC comes to Mito city, Japan! How wonderful! Under the bright summer sunlight, 310 trumpets will sound in Kairakuen Garden. My heart throbs in excitement just by picturing the image of the International Women’s Brass Conference coming to Mito city! There will be brass players from all over the world creating a strong world together combining each other’s different cultures. All the brass players, let’s go to Mito together! I would also recommend enjoying the tea ceremony and flower arrangement at Shounan Tea Room in a peaceful mind. Mito meets you this summer. Mito city will be filled with wonderful performances with excitement and a chorus of cicadas.”